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The Design Process

We'll illustrate our design process using some actual projects.
An outline of the process itself follows below the photos.

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The Process Itself:

The following steps are typical to most projects:

-The Initial Visit: Identifies the clients needs and starts the inspiration process

-The Guidelines: Following the four considerations the design begins   

Guidelines for Garden Design and Planting Renovations
The Four Considerations

  1. What are the Plants (trees, shrubs, perennials) that you want to keep just as they are.
    (No pruning, moving or soil amending necessary).
  2. What are the Plants you wish to get rid of?
    Do you have a dump site on your property or will they need to be hauled to a land refuse facility? 
    Do you have large trees that need pruning to add light or that require removal?
  3. What are the Plants you wish to renovate?
    • Plants to consider moving to a new location
    • Plants to amend or specialty prune.
    • Plants that may need treatment for pest and disease
    • Plants i.e. Perennials that need division (recommended every 5-7 years).
  4. What do you want to add anew?
    This may include something you have always wanted and suggestions made by you garden design after renovation digging has occurred.

-The Planting plan: The property is then measured and photographed and a planting plan, menu, and budget is created.




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