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Historical Restoration


This Italianate villa had a failing landscape.  One half of the property was restricted by the influence of a large black walnut tree which prevented the growth of many plants. The owners wished to create a lush garden paradise where they themselves could enjoy some gardening activities.



The walnut tree was removed and the soil around it was abated. A new intimate path was created with a fragrant lilac courtyard. The backyard design included various small and imaginative "vignettes" including a "tryst corner" complete with a restored vintage iron gate.


The Plan

The design was created in keeping with the era of the home.

The front yard which faces a busy local park was screened with a "Frock Garden" packed with roses, hydrangea, tulips and alliums. The back includes a turf-block parking area. The turf block reduces the amount of unsightly asphalt in a smaller yard.

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